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Beauty HACK: DIY Eyebrow Tint @ Home

I can't stress enough the importance of good eyebrows. I feel like everyone's gotten on the trend by now, but having a flattering eyebrow shape to frame your face can really make a huge difference.

Using 'Just for Men' beard dye, I now dye my eyebrows 1x/a month to keep my brows looking fuller and in the right shape to frame my face. Since filming this video though, I have picked up a few tips! So to add to it...

- Use your regular eyebrow brush to add the dye to your brows. In the video, I just used a q-tip because that was easiest. However, you can totally use an angled eyebrow brush instead to get an even more defined and precise eyebrow, just be sure to thoroughly wash your brush right after to get all of the dye off of it.

- Put vaseline around your brows if you don't want to stain your skin. I didn't worry about this, because I did this when I knew I would be just working at home for a few days, so if my skin was stained a little, I didn't mind it. However, if you want it to be really flawless, do put some vaseline or moisturizer around your brows to prevent having a mess on your face.

- Choose a color thats 1 shade darker than what you normally fill in your brows with. I decided to go slightly darker than what I usually do, because after a couple days it will fade to a lighter color. The overall tint is there, but the first few days will be extra dark. This is mostly up to your preference, if you want it perfect the first day, choose your exact color. If you'd prefer it to last longer, go one shade darker and just know that it will be a little dark for the first couple days.


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