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My Favorite Eats on Maui (Some Healthy and Some Not-So-Healthy!)

MAUI... The valley isle... No ka oi (Hawaiian for "the best"). The island of Maui is so insanely beautiful and so special to me. I've been coming to Maui since I was a baby (actually, the first time I was technically on the island was when I was still in the womb). It was so much fun to visit Maui again with my mom! 

As someone who loves to eat, I try my best to eat healthy ESPECIALLY before I go on vacation because I know that once I'm there I pretty much eat whatever I feel like LOL

I definitely had a few vegetables and salads on my trip (and when they're filled with fresh island fruit and exotic dressings, its really easy to), BUT I also ate every dessert that sounded good, too! 😁 

Here are my favorite spots that we ate at & what we ordered! 

1. Hula Grill (Ka'anapali, Maui) 

Hawaiian Fruit & Greens Salad - waipoli farm lettuces, pineapple, lilikoi, avocado, toasted coconut, spiced macadamia nuts, lilikoi-mint vinaigrette, goat cheese & fire grilled toragashi shrimp. 

OMG, probably one of my favorite salads! All of the ingredients were super fresh and the lilikoi has such an amazing, sweet and tropical flavor. 

Lilikoi Soda - Not too sugary, this really tasted like actual fruit not a syrup-y soda!

Pineapple & Sausage Pizza -How can you go wrong with pizza?! This was delish


Healthy Meals on Maui
Hawaiian Fruit & Greens Salad

2. The Mill House on the Maui Tropical Plantation 

To start - The "Passion Project" sugarcane cocktail - made with Meyer lemon sherbert this tasted like adult lemonade! sooo delicious, but really tart so don't order if you don't love lemon

Healthy Meals on Maui
Passion Project Cocktail

Chopped Kale Salad - This was really good! I feel less bad about eating desserts and steaks and carbs if I get a little greens in me first.... 

Healthy Meals on Maui
Chopped Kale & Cabbage Salad

The Taro risotto with parmesan and pickled shallots - this was super yummy and a delicious risotto, but I wish there was more of the taro flavor!

Next is the kalbi steak with carrot and papaya slaw - these were both great! The kalbi steak was a little spicy and the carrot papaya slaw was sweet with a tangy ginger dressing and macadamia nuts on top 

Healthy Meals on Maui
Taro Risotto & Kalbi Steak

OBVIOUSLY HAD TO GET DESSERT! This is the "Upcountry Tart", it looks like apple pie, but it's actually made from Yacon which is a root vegetable that tastes kind of like a mix between an apple and a potato... The tart was delicious! The macadamia nut crumble and ice cream on top really made it 

Healthy Meals on Maui
'Upcountry Tart' (Yacon)

Chocolate Bomb dessert - YUM. Like a chocolate mousse filled with a cream mousse, on a bed of matcha sauce and macadamia nut crumble topped with candied ginger 

Healthy Meals on Maui
Chocolate Bomb


The Maui Swap Meet is every Saturday in Kahului, starting at 7am. Its the Maui version of a farmers market and we go every time we visit Maui. We always find something new there to love, whether its food, art, home decor, clothes, jewelry... you name it! 

The Lava Flow Popsicle - Pina colada popsicle with strawberry drizzle (From Shaka Pops) 

 LILIKOI BANANA BREAD - WOW. This is hands down the best banana bread I've ever had! I really wish I bought a few more loaves to bring home with me because they were so good. I would eat them everyday. (OK maybe its better I didn't buy extras! 😅) 

From Lynie's Sweet Bakery 

5. Ululani's Shave Ice

YUM!! This is some of the best Hawaiian shave ice. I got coconut ice cream on the bottom, with Thai Tea and Blue Hawaii shave ice on top

Dessert on Maui
Thai Tea and Blue Hawaii Shave Ice

6. Beach Bums Cafe (Ma'alea Harbor)

Whenever I go to Maui, one of the things I look forward to eating the most is Portuguese sausage. OMG. I'm not a huge meat eater normally, but I love this! I've only ever had it in Hawaii but it is so delicious! Beach Bums Cafe has an amazing affordable breakfast right on the beautiful Ma'alea Harbor.

French Toast with strawberries - to die for!

OK These were my top favorite eats on Maui! I hope if you visit you get a chance to enjoy some of the deliciousness yourself! Mahalo


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