Exploring LA with Hanky Panky

Exploring LA with Hanky Panky and Becky Yee <3 All Photos shot by Becky Yee @beckyyeephoto

I think that when you live in any city, it's easy to take it for granted and forget how many cool things there are to do! When my friend and photographer Becky was visiting LA from NYC, we decided to be tourists for the day and check out some of the popular places around town all while wearing our favorite Hanky Panky bralettes *cue heart eye emoji*

Hanky Panky makes the most cozy, comfy undies I've ever worn. I love having them on! I think it's so important to treat yourself with self love and that's what this brand is all about.

First stop was the infamous PINK WALL. This is a hot spot on Melrose where approximately 1,000,000 instagram photos are taken each day (Yes I just made that up). But seriously, it's a fun spot to check out if you've never seen it, and if nothing else, it's fun people watching. (Also shout out to Sara Happ for the dreamiest pink lip gloss 😍 - this feels like a pink cotton candy cloud that goes on so buttery smooth).

Hanky Panky

This fun wall we spotted while getting coffee in silver lake. I love B&W anything

Hanky Panky

Beverly Hills... You really can't go wrong with palm trees

Hanky Panky

And sometimes, it's nice to just take a stroll through the neighborhood.

Even just taking a quick 15 minute walk to call a friend, get some fresh air or just take a mental break can be soo rejuvenating! I hope you take some time today to enjoy the little things in life.