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WOW! How is it already February!? Honestly… Where did the time go?

February is all about self-love. For me, sometimes that means indulging in my favorite foods and NOT feeling guilty about it.

I think I can speak for so many of us when I say, we work so hard to stay fit and healthy! But really, what good is it to do all that if you don’t get to enjoy your favorite milkshake or cheeseburger every once in a while? We can get back to our regularly scheduled programming- AKA green smoothies and salads TOMORROW.

I recently worked with one of my favorite undergarments, Hanky Panky. They have the cutest (and comfiest) lingerie. My absolute favorite piece from their recent collection is this sweet little pink plaid bralette. I think it could be styled so many ways - I chose to style it with a loose denim jacket, cutoff jean shorts and white sneakers. Becky and I went to Bob’s Big Boy in LA for burgers and milkshakes that day.

Another bralette that I love is this HOT PINK one. It's BRIGHT and I love it. It's such a fun color.

It’s so important to take time to do the things that make you happy! For me, It’s getting together with girlfriends, eating my favorite foods, checking out cool places and of course, wearing my favorite undies ;)

Photos by Becky Yee - @beckyyeephoto

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