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Vegan Nacho Recipe + SKINNY COOKING TIPS!

So, who doesn't LOVE good nachos?! I mean, they're kind of, basically, like crack. You can't just have one... Or at least I can't. But as tasty as they are, obviously, nachos are not healthy. Melted cheese over deep fried tortillas doesn't exactly scream "bikini bod".

BUT today is your lucky day, because I myself, too, am a nacho lover. So, naturally, I had to find a way to get the best of both worlds: eat nachos and not gain weight. Ta-daaa. #goals.

This recipe is sooo simple, super quick and 100% delicious. You won't even realize that it's NOT ladled with fat and cholesterol! How fun!

And its VEGAN!

….except…okay… after I filmed this I realized that when I added a dollop of greek yogurt it made this not vegan… MAJOR FAIL. I was too excited about not using meat, and not using regular cheese that I forgot about that part. Anywhom, don’t add the greek yogurt on top at the very end to make this vegan!

If you’re not Vegan, and you like sour cream, plain greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to adding sour cream on nachos! If you try this recipe please let me know how you like it!


Cabo Chips Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese - Fiesta Blend

Trader Joes Cuban Style Black Beans

Frozen Bell Pepper Trio Mix

Guacamole Mini Cups (120 cal per container)

(OPTIONAL) Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

Ground Cumin

Pink Himalaya Salt

Black Pepper

1. Cook the frozen bell pepper trio mix in a few tablespoons of water. (***TIP** Yes, you can cook them in water! You don’t need to cook vegetables in oil. AND you save around 100-200 calories by NOT cooking them in oil!) Cook until the peppers are browned.

2. Add the cuban black beans to the pan to heat them up.

3. Microwave a SMALL plate of Cabo chips with the vegan cheese on top for about 15 seconds (***TIP*** ALWAYS USE A SMALL PLATE! SMALLER PLATE = SMALLER PORTION!)

4. Add the bell pepper and black bean mix on top

5. Top with guacamole (and optional greek yogurt)

6. VOILA! Enjoy your FOOD!

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