10 Minute Healthy Dinner

When I have a busy week ahead, I know I need to eat healthy or I'll crash from not having enough energy! I get bored of eating the same salad over and over again so, I always try to change things up. Tonight I made a super quick and EASY 10 minute dinner!

Of course, it's not all made from scratch. I bought frozen quinoa from Trader Joes and pre-made Balsamic chicken, also from Trader Joes. These pre-made foods really are LIFESAVERS when it comes to eating healthy in a hurry.

Here's what you'll need and how to make it:

Shishito peppers

Sliced cremini mushrooms

Green onions

Frozen quinoa

Pre-made balsamic chicken


Shredded carrots

Chop up the mushrooms, green onions and dice the chicken. Set aside.

Quick Healthy Dinners

Blister the shishito peppers in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil on medium heat for 2-3 minutes until blisters start to form on the peppers. Once the blisters start to form, toss in the mushrooms, green onion and chicken.

Microwave the frozen quinoa according to the package. (Probably 3-3 1/2 minutes)

Cook the green onions, mushrooms, chicken and shishito peppers for another 3 minutes until all the food is cooked through and hot.

PERSONALLY, I think that microwaved quinoa tastes soggy. So, I like to take the microwaved cooked quinoa and add it into a pan on the stove to cook out the additional water. I added a little bit of soy sauce to give it extra flavor without adding too many calories. Cook the quinoa and soy sauce for 2-3 minutes.

Once everything is cooked, place spinach and shredded carrots on a plate. Top with chicken, mushroom, onion and pepper mix, and add a small side of the quinoa. VOILA! 10 minutes and your healthy, nutrient packed dinner is ready.

I love making recipes that only require a couple pans and a cutting board. I just rinse them clean and pop them in the dishwasher. Bim. Bam. boom. Now I can relax on the couch with a glass of chardonnay and scroll through Pinterest looking for hair and makeup ideas for my pageant coming up this weekend! I am so excited.

I'll be competing for Miss West Coast on Sunday, and then immediately after on Monday morning I am flying to Miami with my agent for Miami Swim Week. When I said earlier that I have a busy week ahead, this is what I was referencing. Traveling is always a little tricky when it comes to eating healthy! SO, I try to prepare for that by getting myself in a super-duper healthy routine BEFORE I leave so that that's what my body is used to once I'm out of LA. That helps me stick with a healthy routine while traveling a little bit better.

Do you have any healthy tips for traveling?? If so, please let me know! Also, if you have any must-sees or healthy places to try in Miami, also let me know!! :)


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