Summertime Snacks

My absolute number 1, best piece of advice/tip/whatever for someone who is trying to either maintain their figure OR lose weight is to SNACK.

Why? Because. It works.

Have you ever noticed that in those "What's in my bag" celebrity edition, they ALWAYS have some type of snack and/or beverage in their bag? That's because, again, it works! ESPECIALLY when you're busy.

After all, if the celebrities are doing it, I should too, right?? Ha.

What I've found for me personally is that when I have a snack in between meals or in my purse or car, it's easier to eat smaller portions at meal time. Or, the snack satisfies whatever craving I thought I was having which prevents me from going overboard and just hitting the drive thru.

I started buying snack-pack sized items from the store for this reason alone. I can't tell you how many times I would be sitting in #LA traffic, STARVING, and would end up desperately ordering food from a drive thru even though it's not reeeeally what I wanted to be eating, but when you're hungry and there's food 1 offramp away, a girl's gonna eat. Thanks, 405 freeway.

Here are a few healthy snacks that I like to keep with me when I know I'm going to be busy. I hope these help give you some ideas! And if you have any favorite snacks that you take along with you, let me know, I'm always looking to change things up.

1) 100-calorie pack nuts. I like the cashews, almonds and the cocoa glazed almonds! The cocoa glazed almonds taste JUST like cocoa puffs, btw. *swoon*

2) Trader Joes "Handful" Trail Mix. My favorite is the breakfast trek mix because I love the whole sweet/salty combo it's got going on! Salted almonds, granola clusters, dried cranberries, and Greek yogurt chips (that are actually made from Greek yogurt). I like the "handful" size pouches because they are pre-portioned for you!

3) Fresh fruit. Nothing new here, but never underestimate how REFRESHING fresh fruit is (try saying that five times fast) when it's hot out in the summer. My favorite fruits to have with me are ones that are low(er) in sugar so I don't crash later on in the day. These would be: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries,

4) RX Bars. I just discovered these at Trader Joes as well! Not sure how long they've been around? But, they seem to be pretty clean. The exact ingredients are listed on the front of the package so you know exactly what you're eating AND how much! Love!!! They are SO thick and chewy, and completely satisfying as a snack. My favorites are the peanut butter and the blueberry flavor.

5) String cheese. I could eat a brick of cheddar cheese for dinner and I would be completely happy. Probably also bloated and dehydrated from all the salt, but I'd still be happy. Since that's not the best idea, I like to buy the low-fat string cheese from the store and take one with me. Something about string cheese reminds me of being a kid, too. Is that just me, or did everyone eat string cheese as a kid? Anyways, it's a great snack, will keep you full, and give you just a little protein to power through until the next meal!

OH and how can I forget. WATER. Water isn't really a snack, BUT it will help keep you full. Try, as hard as you can, to drink a full water bottle with your snack. I guarantee if you do this, by the time your next meal comes around you won't be nearly as likely to binge or overeat!

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