The Perfect Balanced Breakfast 👌

Being the most important meal of the day, breakfast holds a lot of responsibility. Not only does it need to taste good, but it needs to be something I look forward to eating and will make me feel energized for the next 4 hours.

So, it only makes sense to find a meal that is perfectly balanced, tastes great and easy, quick and simple to make.

Alas, I present with you my absolute FAVORITE & perfectly balanced breakfast:

1/4 Smashed avocado on top of 1 slice Dave's Killer Organic Bread, topped with crumbled feta cheese and lemon pepper


1 egg, over medium topped with cracked pepper.

After I eat this, I usually slice up an apple and put it in a ziplock baggie to eat in the car on my way to wherever I'm going. I also like to have an iced coffee with almond milk.

This breakfast keeps me full for the entire morning and even into the early afternoon until I eat lunch. Since it is so balanced, I don't crash or start craving sugary or salty snacks! Sometimes, when I am rushed in the morning and I end up eating a protein bar or something sugary for breakfast, I'll end up feeling STARVING an hour or two later, which ultimately leads to CRAVINGS!

My point is, a balanced breakfast is KEY to fighting cravings and sets the foundation for my eating for the day. When I start the day right, it becomes easier to end it right. Balance is key!